A Girl and Her Hero

“I’m not a technical drummer; I am a backyard keg-party, garage jam-band drummer, and that’s the way it is.” – Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters / Nirvana)

Picture Credit: radiox.co.uk

Even Dave Grohl is a local band drummer at heart.  This was just too good to not pass on.  I saw a full video yesterday that Dave Grohl, of Foo Fighters and Nirvana fame, shared of a fan/idol interactive experience…and wow, it’s quite memorable.  

Several months ago I saw a few videos that Nandi Bushell, a 10-year-old drummer from England, had posted in social media.  As a drummer, I was beyond impressed and proud to see a kid play with the passion she has, and proving an ability beyond her years. Beyond that, there aren’t a ton of female drummers out there, it’s been a male-dominated instrument historically, so Nandi put a big smile on my face. Girl power!  In short, Grohl got wind of Nandi’s videos that had gone viral, featuring her playing drum covers of his songs and demonstrating her prowess on the kit….he then decided to do something that she wouldn’t soon forget.  

When you watch the video from Dave Grohl’s Instagram account you’ll quickly understand why this made such an impression on me.  What’s so cool is Nandi’s excitement, and no better way to experience it than to hear it in her voice when she first meets Dave via live web video.  Who doesn’t love to see the smile and sound of the voice of a kid that is genuinely in awe!!!  

By the way, the New York Times featured this story in today’s paper: https://nyti.ms/35aL5f6

Do you know any musically-gifted kids we could interview or think we should cover in this blog that could be budding rock stars?  Let us know in a reply. 

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