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What is it about seeing a stage when you first enter a venue that creates a rush of energy? Could it be the lights? Is it the layout or where it is located within the venue itself? Might it be seeing instruments waiting to be played? Regardless, there is something very special about a stage no matter the size of the footprint. Within local community venues like bars, nightclubs, pubs, cafes, and beer gardens, you are likely to find smaller, intimate, and low-riser style stages. But to the local band and musician who will perform on that stage, it can feel like center stage at Madison Square Garden.

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Photo Credit: Joe Mabel for Vera Project Space, Seattle, WA
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Photo Credit: Joel Glaser

Do you prefer a small intimate stage or a giant arena/stadium set-up? Tell us, we’d love to know!

3 thoughts on “All About the Stage

  • I personally prefer a small intimate stage since I really enjoy the small talk when the singer or the host on the stage. A small stage always shortens the distance between me and the performer. However, if the ticket to the concert costs me more than $200, I would prefer to experience something I had never seen before, such as a unique platform design or some gorgeous stage mechanisms.

    • Agreed, the smaller, intimate venue setting always seems to provide a more enjoyable experience. When the audience and the performers are closer together, proximity-wise, there’s just a greater energy. Thanks for your reply!

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