The Live-Stream Adaption

With challenges come opportunity.  The pandemic is proof of that.  From the rapid development of vaccines to the increase in e-commerce, among others, so too the live event sector has found new opportunities. Even as the industry has had to deal with mandates, restrictions, and other industry related complications. While human beings thrive on live physical experiences, when the cards are stacked against us we adjust, creating alternatives and options to make the best next thing happen…

Credit: Rex / Shutterstock
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Optimism for 2021 Events

It’s 2021…finally! With the events of 2020, it’s a pretty good bet that there isn’t a soul on earth that couldn’t wait for the new year to begin, a start to hopefully better days ahead. In the arts world, and specifically live music, there is optimism that perhaps at some point in 2021 the world may begin to experience something that is more representative of what we knew pre-pandemic. While it will be many months down the road before venues host full-size bands that play to large crowds, with the vaccines finally here…

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A Zoom with Steely Dan’s Rhythm Section

Photo: Zoom screenshot by David Fabel

This past Tuesday I had the unique opportunity to be on a Zoom meeting with an exclusive group of iconic rhythm section players, that is, drummers and bass players, who played on albums and live with the legendary band, Steely Dan. I wanted to share the experience. If you’re wondering what this has to do with local bands and venues, well, know this…each and every one of these musicians started out playing in a local music scene.

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Food Trucks + Live Music

We love those food trucks, don’t we??!!  You can find them in towns small and large, from street corners to fairs, they’ve become a major cog in the food industry ecosystem.  With a growing popularity of the outdoor venue scene, particularly beer gardens, food trucks have integrated themselves into the live music experience.  However, they too are now suffering at the expense of Covid-19.

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