Music + Beer: Natural Combo

James Noble, an entrepreneur based in Palm Beach County, FL, made a direct connection between venues, live music, and beer…by creating a beer brand in June 2017, Noble Blue Ale. The tag line on the label? “Support Live Music”.  

Photo Credit: James Noble,
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Food Trucks + Live Music

We love those food trucks, don’t we??!!  You can find them in towns small and large, from street corners to fairs, they’ve become a major cog in the food industry ecosystem.  With a growing popularity of the outdoor venue scene, particularly beer gardens, food trucks have integrated themselves into the live music experience.  However, they too are now suffering at the expense of Covid-19.

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Collateral Damage:  Instrument Retailers

An unfortunate result of the pandemic has been the economic impact on musical instrument retailers, local businesses that equip bands with an array of gear to perform.  As unemployment grows, disposable income shrinks, and other related financial pressures mount for individuals and families, discretionary expenses have been hit extremely hard.  From that new guitar, amp, keyboard, drum kit, brass instrument, microphone, and/or accessories, even as small as drumsticks and guitar strings, the economic slowdown has devastated brick and mortar instrument stores. 

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