Count the Band in…1, 2, 3, 4

This is like the first downbeat of the gig. To kick it off, I felt the first post should be dedicated to those who participate in the local live entertainment sector, be it as an entertainer, venue worker, or patron. Covid-19 has created inexplicable disruptions to so many lives. Livelihoods and businesses shattered. Dreams stalled or gone altogether. A way of life transformed. However, at the intersection of life-challenges and human resilience opportunity exists. And much of it is the result of passion.

Passion drives live music. Live music is an integral part of the local community fabric all across America and around the world, it truly is a global language. And it plays a huge part in creating social interaction. It’s a bonding platform that brings friends and strangers together from virtually every type of background imaginable. It’s a shared love between performer, the fan, and the place where it is happening.

My hope is the blog will help identify, build awareness, and promote the bands and venues of local town America that make the live music engine go. So if you have suggestions of bands and/or venues you think we should consider covering at Bands, Bars, & Gigs, please reach out with an email. 

6 thoughts on “Count the Band in…1, 2, 3, 4

  • Music is one of the very few things that has helped maintain some sort of normalcy for people throughout this pandemic.
    Its therapeutic powers should not be underestimated. Thanks for bringing the beat back to us!

  • The Bell House is a great venue in Brooklyn that showcases various live music, comedy shows, and more. One of my favorite poets, Sarah Kay, frequently performed there before Covid-19. In these unprecedented times, I still find glimmers of hope for live entertainment when I see that places like The Bell House exceeded their $30,000 GoFundMe goal: . I’m optimistic that through passion, as you said, the industry will continue to be resilient. Looking forward to your blog!

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