Food Trucks + Live Music

We love those food trucks, don’t we??!!  You can find them in towns small and large, from street corners to fairs, they’ve become a major cog in the food industry ecosystem.  With a growing popularity of the outdoor venue scene, particularly beer gardens, food trucks have integrated themselves into the live music experience.  However, they too are now suffering at the expense of Covid-19.

Just like the line to the bar, food trucks at outdoor venues count on having a line of customers.  Like bands, venues count on a food truck to draw a following.  Brands like Cousin’s Maine Lobster (, a food truck franchisor specializing in lobster rolls, have almost a cult-like following.  Combine a great food truck with an awesome band, and at an amazing outdoor venue, it makes for a really fun and memorable day.  


Down the road we will feature in this blog some food truck vendors out there and get their thoughts on how they see themselves aligning with the live music sector.  Until then, tell us about some of the food trucks you’ve seen come across while enjoying a band.  We’re looking for great suggestions.   

2 thoughts on “Food Trucks + Live Music

  • I’ll be honest, in my previous career I was working in a kitchen. So I have not had the luxury of going to a live music venue and partaking in a food truck at the same time. As a former professional chef, I love seeing chefs/cooks having the opportunity to showcase their talents where in times gone by, may not have been possible. Not that owning a food truck is by any means cheap, it is not. It is however, more attainable than a traditional brick and motor place. Additionally, food trucks can offer more niche menu choices, and can take them to areas where they can be more appreciated. When live music returns, I will be on the look out for the food truck companion.

    • Hopefully, when things get back to normal, you can get yourself out to a live music venue that has a food truck! Makes for a great experience. A little different setting than a kitchen I’m sure you are used to as a pro chef! What’s your go-to specialty dish?

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