New York City Nightlife Data

The latest data, from 2016, demonstrates the impact the nightlife sector has on local economic output, from number of establishments to jobs. It’s not only bars that have been hit hard, but other business sectors that are also considered part of the nightlife category. Once sufficient data is compiled it will be eye-opening to see the damage the pandemic has had on the local New York City economy.

Just think of all the people out of work in the nightlife sector, it’s so sad. How many nightlife businesses in your area have shuttered?

One thought on “New York City Nightlife Data

  • It is heart wrenching when you think of all of the small business owners, musicians and artists that have pour their blood, sweat and tears into creating something. So much pain and loss, but at this moment in our lives, it is all we can do. We just have to soldier on until the time that a vaccine is readily available. I like to think that when we are allowed gather back together in these venues, it will be even more joyous and cherished.

    Be strong, and keep believing. Our physical paths will cross in the not too distant future, and we will be so very grateful!

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