“Stay Safe…See You Soon”

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The whole reason this blog was started is to bring awareness to bands and venues in local markets, helping to keep their names/brands relevant during the crippling economic situation we face.  For some, playing in a band is merely just for fun.  Yet for others, the side hustle of playing in a band could be to generate extra money.  And of course, there are those who strive to make a career out of music and playing live becomes a primary source of income.  

The impact of Covid-19 has created various degrees of economic pain for local bands.  But what about the venues…they of course have been hampered by restrictions on the number of people who may be seated or allowed inside their establishment.  And with those restrictions, most venues have chosen to limit their live act roster to only solo, duets, or trios at most.  A lot of that is due to rules on distancing within the establishment.  It also goes without saying, venues count on bands to draw a crowd which in turns makes the cash register ring. 

The dynamics of the local live band experience has been temporarily altered.  Recall the days when you would walk into a bar or club and the band was buzzing, you could feel the pump of energy circulating throughout the place.  But given state mandates, that feeling just isn’t the same.  The absence of closeness you feel to people, that social component, it plays a major role in why live music is so powerful.  It’s something that is missing in our lives.  

When you consider in totality what the pandemic has done to the local live music sector, it’s crushing souls economically and cut into the social fabric of our human interactions.  While it’s painful today, there is hope on the horizon and one day the love fest between band, venue, and the audience will reign even stronger.  You never know how much you love something until you don’t have it.     

What do you miss about the live band experience?

2 thoughts on ““Stay Safe…See You Soon”

  • As a theater person, I know how much you miss clubs, bars, and concerts. Since this pandemic, many talented colleagues have left the live entertainment industry, and some are still striving to get a new job. I want to cling to the live entertainment industry somehow, so look for alternative ways to survive this unpredictable darkness. They will be back. I hope to be ready when it comes.

    • One day live events will be back the way we hope and imagine. Some things will change, certain adjustments, and optimistically, for the better. Keep sharp so you’re ready to roll when it’s time, you’ll be ready.

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