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In an earlier post we wrote how Covid-19 has had an immeasurable impact on local businesses connected to bands.  We referred to it as collateral damage.  Another type of business that has experienced downturn are professional studio rehearsal spaces.  While a good percentage of bands choose to jam in a garage (literally), or other dedicated areas of usable space, a lot of groups do invest in the benefits of a professional studio.  

The typical studio environment offers soundproof rooms that provide musical equipment, including amps, keyboards, drum kits, and sound systems, all making it convenient for bands.  Some studios have rooms set up like mini-stages and have lighting options.  In addition, many of these studios provide recording services.  However, with the pandemic, many bands are avoiding the closed indoor spaces, so studios across America have lost a huge portion of customers and are closing their doors.  Studios make an investment in the real estate, that is, the practice rooms they rent, and then purchase/lease musical gear to furnish the rehearsal space.  It’s not an inexpensive proposition to be in the studio business.

Jamming with a band in your garage, home, or other similar space, definitely makes it easy on the pocketbook, and many bands have turned to this option at this time.  Yet, it’s just not the same as a studio that is professionally outfitted. There are some musicians that are fortunate and have the resources to build their own.  Regardless, the rehearsal studio, a staple for bands, is a business that has been greatly impacted by the virus.  

Here’s a story from a studio in Denver, Colorado:

What’s your preference for rehearsal space options?  

2 thoughts on “Studio or Garage

  • Your posts about the collateral damage from Covid-19 have been fascinating. From instrument retailers to professional studio rehearsal spaces, the pandemic’s ripple effects within a single industry are astonishing. Once you shine a light on the topic, it makes sense, but it’s not something I would have intuitively connected. Thank you for sharing the story, and I look forward to your future posts.

    • Thanks, Sylviane! What do they say, “…sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees…”. You are right, the pandemic has created ripple effects and across all industries.

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