The Live-Stream Adaption

With challenges come opportunity.  The pandemic is proof of that.  From the rapid development of vaccines to the increase in e-commerce, among others, so too the live event sector has found new opportunities. Even as the industry has had to deal with mandates, restrictions, and other industry related complications. While human beings thrive on live physical experiences, when the cards are stacked against us we adjust, creating alternatives and options to make the best next thing happen…

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…think telephone, video cameras, handwritten letters, etc.  The live music experience is no different.  That’s where live-streaming of performances by artists have become a growth engine for record labels, content companies, bands, venues, and brands.  And if you’ve paid attention over the last few years, with advancement in innovation and technology, improvements in audio and video delivery has been a game-changer.    

Think about this, how many “from my living room to yours” events have you been invited to or watched over the last year.  Though not a new concept, it’s been around for years, the platform has enjoyed significant growth because of demand for live music experiences.  For sites like,,, live-streaming provides a connection to world famous acts and artists even when we can’t enjoy them in live settings.  As a bonus, live-streaming allows the everyday fan to also experience something they couldn’t at a live show…like seeing the inside of the artist’s home/workplace/studio, spaces where they create and live,and otherwise would not have a chance to see if not for the live stream option.  Hardcore fans of any performer know this is a powerful dynamic. 

Until the normal live in-person performance experience returns that we’re used to, live streaming is a great alternative.  What’s a great live-streaming event you’ve seen? Tell us!


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