Venues: Fighting for Survival

Small businesses across America are faced with unprecedented economic challenges that stem from the Coronavirus pandemic.  For owners of bars, pubs, night clubs, restaurants, and cafes, essentially any venue that hosts live music, they’ve struggled to survive particularly because of the restrictions limiting  occupancy levels.  It so happens, bands are a major draw for many of these live event places, but with headcount restricted, these establishments are struggling to generate revenue and can barely cover operational costs and stay afloat.  

The really sad part is knowing that so many people who work at these venues, including bartenders, servers, kitchen personnel, busers, and valet parkers, among others, count on the income to survive day-to-day.  Whether the employee is full-time or part-time, it doesn’t matter, the impact is immeasurable.  The local communities suffer too, not only because there are less options for social outings, but the reduced tax revenues generated impact services in your area.

Picture:  Courtesy of Mark H. Anbinder – 14850 Magazine

Venues play a major part in helping to create a live event experience.  Beyond the general aesthetic look and feel of the establishment, some venues have invested in house sound systems, professional lighting, and erected stages to enhance the ambiance.  When combined with the live act, the energy created in the room can lead to memories that some will recall for the rest of their lives.  That said, it’s no wonder there are so few towns in America that don’t have some form of live entertainment.  

We’d love to hear stories from you about how venues play a role in your live event experience.  Get in touch!  

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